Window Lift Motors

Han Yale has been in the window regulator market for decades; with the knowledge, experience and technology learned, window lift motors become another main product line. Han Yale is ISO/IATF 16949 certified for the design and manufacture of window regulators and window motors.



Outstanding Performance and Efficiency

The certification demonstrates how Han Yale is capable of manufacturing premium quality window regulators and window lift motors. All the procedures are strictly under production control to ensure Han Yale always supplies the best products with outstanding performance and efficiency. Its window lift motor performance includes but not limited to current, noise, speed, and EMC requirement are compatible with the top window lift motor suppliers on the world scale.



Made in Han Yale, Taiwan

Just like the window regulators, Han Yale's window lift motors are made in Han Yale, Taiwan. All the major components and assemblies are finished inside of its factory, which allows it to keep manufacturing premium quality window motor with consistency all the time.




In Han Yale, it manufactures quality. The production procedures are being monitored all the time, and the measured data are input into the system for Ca, Cp, Cpk analysis during continuous improvement. 



OEM/ODM Capability

With Han Yale's extensive component database, it can react quickly and build up a motor that fits its customer’s needs in a short term period. You can always find what you need in Han Yale. Han Yale's strong capability and flexibility allow it to develop window lift motors for both traditional vehicles and electric vehicles.




E-Vehicles and Smart motor

As the new trending today is electric vehicles and smart motors, Han Yale has its own team to work on the smart motors. Until today, it can produce its own 7 pins anti-pinch motor and ready for the challenge of motors with more pins.