Han Yale's Business Philosophy


Business integrity is Han Yale’s core value. It provides customers with stable and reliable quality and delivery. It is Han Yale's enterprise culture and business administration.


Lifelong learning is Han Yale's motto.  It continues to learn new knowledge and new technologies so as to keep up with the fast changing world. Ceaseless learning and improvement are Han Yale’s internal experience.


Innovation and breakthrough are always a must. Han Yale is not conservative, but always learn new knowledge and new technologies. It often thinks over how to find a new technology or a new production system out of conventional industry. It mixes TRADITION and BREAKTHROUGH to create a new style.

Partnership → Customer Relationship

Maintaining a good customer relationship is Han Yale’s service objective. It collects information about customer’s needs and opinions, and store the information in its huge data bank. Han Yale wants to provide each customer with tailor-made service, and build a very good relationship with all of the customers based on mutual help and trust.