New Product Development

APQP-Based New Product Development

  • Stage 1 - Market Research
  • Stage 2 – Product / Process Design
  • Stage 3 – Product / Process Validation
  • Stage 4 - Trail Run Production
  • Stage 5 - Launch Products

Han Yale utilizes a New Product Development process based upon Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) methodology. The new product development process is a critical factor in satisfying customer expectations in terms of quality, reliability, time, costs.



Always Doors and OE Samples

Before Han Yale starts every new product development, an OE sample and door are always required during the R&D process. With our experience and technology, we improve the design and increase the overall durability of the product. Using the OE samples and doors guarantees the 100% fitment rate of all Han Yale products and perform that like they are supposed to be.




Large Database

With our extensive component database, we can react quickly and build up a product that fits our customer’s needs in a short term period. No matter if you are looking for an AM product or OE product, you can always find what you need in Han Yale. Our strong capability and flexibility allow us to develop a product for traditional vehicles and electric vehicles.




During our development, we use simulation software to speed up the process and increase the overall quality of components and products. The software prevents us from try and error and gives us more availabilities while developing.





Han Yale owns all the tooling, which allows us to develop and keep the best quality for our product. It also gives us the flexibility to cooperate with our customers if there is any special requirement, we can finish the modification quickly in our own tooling department. The tooling department is equipped with a full range of manual, CNC, and EDM equipment.



Product Validation

All the Han Yale products go through 32 different product validations during development. It ensures all the products we released to the market are all at premium standard and could survive under most driving styles and weather conditions.



New products every month

Our goal is to increase product coverage by adding 100 new SKUs every year. Until today, new SKUs are released every month and still counting.