Precision Metal Stamping

Han Yale's in-house stamping process is an essential step in its production process that provides total quality control from raw material to finished parts. As an IATF16949 certified manufacturer, Han Yale adheres to strict standards and believes that continuous improvement and standardized procedures are essential to delivering the best products to its customers.

In the stamping department, Han Yale utilizes advanced stamping machines that are operated by skilled technicians. The machines are regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure that they are functioning at their best. Additionally, Han Yale sources high-quality raw materials from trusted suppliers, which are carefully inspected before being used in production.

With its in-house stamping process, Han Yale can ensure that every part is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and precision. The company's commitment to excellence is evident in every step of the process, from the initial design to the final inspection. By maintaining control over every aspect of production, Han Yale can deliver superior products that meet or exceed customer expectations.



Fully Equipped

Han Yale's stamping department is equipped with a range of stamping machines with capacities ranging from 50T to 500T, enabling the production of stamped parts of varying sizes and complexities. With this extensive range of equipment, Han Yale is able to provide its customers with a wide range of stamping solutions, from small components to larger and more complex ones.



Components and Quality

Han Yale takes great pride in manufacturing all of its major components in-house. By controlling and overseeing the entire production process, Han Yale can ensure that the dimensions and specifications of each component meet its premium standard. This level of control allows Han Yale to deliver consistently high-quality products to its customers.

Moreover, Han Yale utilizes the latest data analysis techniques to constantly improve its production processes. The production data is systematically input into the system for Ca, Cp, Cpk analysis, enabling Han Yale to quickly identify areas for improvement and implement changes that enhance quality and efficiency. The company is dedicated to continuously improving its production processes to maintain its position as a leading supplier of premium window regulators and motors.



Automated Production

Han Yale has implemented various advanced technologies and equipment in its stamping process to improve production efficiency and product stability. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as automated stamping machines ranging from 50T to 500T, Han Yale is able to manufacture stamping parts of various sizes and complexities.