Precision Metal Stamping

The in-house stamping process gives Han Yale total quality control from raw material to finished parts. Han Yale adheres to the IATF16949 certification standards, and it believes that continuous improvement and standardized procedures are the keys to delivering the best products to its customers.



Fully Equipped

Han Yale's stamping department is fully equipped with stamping machines from 50T to 500T. Its capability allows it to manufacture stamping parts from small components to larger ones.



Components and Quality

All the major components for window regulator and window motor are made in Han Yale, Taiwan. By controlling and manufacturing the major components, Han Yale ensures the dimensions and specifications always meet its premium standard. The production data are input into the system for Ca, Cp, Cpk analysis and continuous improvement.



Automated Production

In Han Yale's stamping process, it uses a lot of to increase its production efficiency and stability.