Window Regulator Plastic Injection

Han Yale has a specialized plastic injection department that operates with the same mission as the rest of the company; to consistently deliver high-quality components while ensuring maximum production efficiency. The team uses advanced injection machines and molds to produce plastic components with great precision and accuracy. Han Yale's in-house production of plastic components ensures the specifications and dimensions are always up to its premium standards. The production data of each component are collected and analyzed using Ca, Cp, Cpk analysis for continuous improvement.



Components and Quality

Han Yale prides itself on its ability to manufacture all major components for its window regulators and window motors in-house, in Taiwan. This control over the entire manufacturing process enables Han Yale to ensure that the dimensions and specifications of each component meet its premium standard. Production data is meticulously collected and input into the system for Ca, Cp, Cpk analysis and continuous improvement, reflecting Han Yale's commitment to providing the best quality products to its customers.



Scientific Production

Han Yale takes a scientific approach to achieve the best production results rather than relying on trial and error. The company utilizes rigorous methodologies to study and analyze the optimal set of production parameters. By implementing this technique, Han Yale has experienced significant increases in overall product quality and production efficiency. This approach is integral to the company's commitment to delivering the highest quality products to its customers.