HANSUN Window Regulator and Motor Technologies

Han Yale provides high quality window regulators and motors for American, Asian and European market in both passenger and commercial vehicle applications. There are 6 different main technologies: Double Cable System, Goldie System, Cable System, Scissors System, Arm System, Panel System.


Double Cable System

  • Main use in vehicles with heavier window glasses.
  • Used for passenger and commercial vehicles.

Goldie System

  • Main use in rear doors and commercial vehicles.
  • Used in some Jeep vehicles.

Cable System

  • Main use in vehicles with lighter window glasses and rear doors.
  • Used mainly for passenger vehichles.

Scissors System

  • Main use in passenger and commercial vehicles.
  • Used mainly in front doors and Toyota vehicles.

Arm System

  • Main use in passenger vehicles.
  • Used mainly in rear doors and Toyota vehicles.

Panel System

  • Main use in manufacturers with modular door system design.
  • Main use in passenger vehicles.