Window Regulator Assembly Line

At Han Yale, the final assembly station is staffed by a team of well-trained and experienced workers who are dedicated to crafting high-quality window regulators and motors. Each product undergoes rigorous quality control measures, including a 100% online inspection process, to ensure that it meets Han Yale's exacting standards. All inspection data is collected and analyzed using Ca, Cp, Cpk analysis techniques, which are key to identifying areas for continuous improvement. By constantly striving to improve its production processes and product quality, Han Yale is able to deliver top-notch window regulators and motors to its valued customers.




Inspection on Real Door

During the final assembly process at Han Yale, inspectors take samples from the production line and install them on car doors to verify that the current, speed, and performance of the window regulators are consistent with the specifications set up in the system. This rigorous testing process ensures that every product sold by Han Yale is fully inspected and meets their high standards for quality and performance. Additionally, Han Yale offers a 100% fitment guarantee to ensure that their products fit perfectly in their intended vehicles.