HANSUN Lab Introduction

Every new HANSUN window regulator undergoes 32 global standard validations by HANSUN Lab.

Han Yale provides a Product Validation Testing Process for its engineering system. It is essential to provide top-quality window regulators for passenger and commercial vehicle applications in America, Europe, and Asia markets.

“We are pleased to announce our Product Validation Process,” said Kent Liao, CEO of Han Yale. “Our commitment to manufacturing the top window regulator is our passion.”


For every batch of major components we have, we always test their characteristics to ensure they are ready to move on to the next stage, such as cable and slider. The components will go through series of validations like Durability Test, Detach Force Test, and Environmental Test.





In the category of Functional Test, we validate the final product for several tests, such as Fitment Test, Current and Speed Test, Operation Test, Burglary Test, Voltage Test, Electricity Test, Closing Force Test, and Anti-Pinch Test.






After the Functional test, Han Yale always tests the final product on a real car door; this is also the reason that we have more than 3,000 pieces of car doors in our facility and still counting.  This is a “must have” in our development system and periodic product audit.  We can also react quickly if our customers have any concerns, and our customers can always rely on our product knowledge and profession.  The doors guarantee that all the product come from Han Yale could be fitted on the customers’ car door perfectly. 




In our development system, the Vibration Test is a very important validation that all the new products must go through.  The product will be loaded with weights and tested on a vibration machine to simulate the driving condition on the real road.




Every driver has a different style of driving, and some drivers used to slam the door really hard when they close the door.  So our product will go through the Door Slam Test to make sure that our product can survive under different driving styles.




Another key validation is the Environmental Test.  Han Yale product will undergo many different Environmental Tests to ensure our product can still operate normally under all kinds of weather conditions; for example, Thermal Shock Test, Temperature Durability Test, Temperature Test for storage and operation, Temperature Durability Test, Corrosion Test, and Creep Test.





Our product including the motor must pass the Waterproof Test which is according to the ISO standard.




After several validations mentioned above, Noise Test always takes place afterward.  We make sure the product has the same noise level before and after and doesn’t have any abnormal noise.




In HANSUN LAB, we have the ABC Ranking system to help us rank the products, so our customers could be confident and fully understand why Han Yale product is the better choice than others.



Rank A: Passes all the HANSUN LAB validations just like all other HY products, your parts are guaranteed with 100% fitment, long-lasting durability, and premium quality under all kinds of weather conditions and driving style.

Rank B: Correct dimensions, good performance, and fitment on the car door, but durability test only passes 10,000 cycle times.  Your parts are guaranteed to fit and have basic durability for daily driving.

Rank C: Correct dimensions and acceptable fitment on the car door.  The part fits your car.


After the product passes numerous validations in HANSUN LAB, we can prepare a certificate for our customers to prove that the product has been certified and guaranteed to fit their cars with outstanding performance.