Han Yale wins Taiwan's 17th Golden Torch Award

Han Yale wins Taiwan's 17th Golden Torch Award

Congratulations to Han Yale for winning Taiwan's 17th Golden Torch Award!

The Golden Torch Award is an enterprise selection activity organized to assist the government in discovering and enhancing Taiwan's innovation and entrepreneurship.

This year, Golden Torch Award still attracts many domestically listed companies and well-known outstanding companies and leaders to sign up. From the first round of preliminary evaluation to the second round, nearly 500 companies successfully entered the re-evaluation. Finally, after a rigorous review by 28 domestic experts and scholars, the top ten outstanding enterprises in various fields have been selected. Take people to enhance the corporate culture and image and lead the company to a higher palace.

Thanks again for the affirmation of The Golden Torch Award!

With this honor, Hanyale will strive to provide the best window regulators and motors and continue moving to a higher level.


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